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National Belgian enquiries (name-based searches)

By calling 14-14 you may search any publicly available telephone number, of private individuals, companies, professionals, craftsmen, public administrations… Thanks to 14-14, you do not need to know the exact spelling of the name or the exact location, as 14-14 enables to search in many different ways:

  • Searching a private individual or a public administration:

    Whether you are looking for the number of a neighbor or a distant friend, 14-14 finds for you any publicly available number, be it of a private individual or a public administration in Belgium, or even a mobile number.

  • Searching a company or a craftsman:

    Thanks to a database containing more than 600 000 businesses, 14-14 can find (almost) all companies, professionals and craftsmen active in Belgium. You may search either by using the official name or by using the commercial name (and sometimes even on the brand name) of a particular business.

    In 14-14’s menu, simply press 1 to access national enquiries.

When reading out the result(s), 14-14 does not provide you only with the telephone number but (if available) with the full address as well.
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