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SMS (text) confirmation

How many times has it happen to you that the line of the recipient you are trying to reach is busy? Or the person is not even there to pick-up? Too often probably, and this is especially painful if you forgot to write down his or her telephone number. Bad luck? Not any more, thanks to 14-14’s SMS confirmation.

  • 14-14 can send a premium SMS with the searched telephone number to any caller using a Belgian GSM. As such, it is no longer needed to write down the result.

  • As of January 2007, users will also be able to receive the found result per SMS, even if they call from home or from the office, using a fixed (land) line: all they need to do is to type in their own mobile number, i.e. the number where the SMS needs to be sent to.

  • As most GSM phones today have a function enabling to use the telephone number contained in an SMS (the "Use number" function), the number therefore remains avaible for use at any time.

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